Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's a Restaurant Meme

We have weathered yet another family crisis since my last post. I don't have enough perspective to post about it yet - it involves others and I don't want to uncover anyone as I pour out my own heart. I consider my life an open book, ask me anything, but it's not fair to open other's books. So, I'll just do a meme and give you a little update.

My oldest has moved back home. It's a good thing as far as I can tell. My middle has her first boyfriend and I'm trying not to overrun her excitement with my own. Perhaps I'm a little over-involved here. It's just so much fun seeing that happen and remembering how it felt. We're getting all the last minute preparations done for sending her off to college - 4 miles away. I wanted her to experience the whole college shebang, and she's all for it. The youngest is daily removing more skin and blood on his skateboard, and has finally passed me in height. Not that I'm an Amazon at 5'4", but it was a big step for him.

My big news is 1) a cd produced back in Texas, on which I sang "Great Is Thy Faithfulness", found its way to Iraq, where apparently it is ministering to our troops. See, I got an email from the chaplain there telling me about it. How neat to know that something I love to do is an encouragement to weary and discouraged soldiers. 2) I'll be preaching in a couple of weeks. For the first time. To the whole congregation. *gulp* My pastor will be in Israel for our denominational convention and has asked me to fill in the first Sunday. Wow. Pray. And for those Baptists out there - it will be o.k. trust me. it's an eternal security thing.

On to the meme: 5 favorite local restaurants - Tulsa

1) Los Cabos at Riverwalk Crossing - it's honestly quite difficult to choose a favorite Mexican restaurant because I love this food so much I could eat it everyday. Unless I was in Colorado, because theirs is just weird! This restaurant has a beautiful view of the river, live music, patio seating (when it's not raining - 18 of the last 26 days!), and fabulous food. I also love Abuelo's for its avocado enchiladas and los mejores de la casa, but it's a chain - not local.

2) Rib Crib - technically this is a chain, but it's based in Tulsa, so there. Great b-b-q at excellent prices. I love me some b-b-q.

3) Mekong River - fresh, tasty Vietnamese food in a clean, if sparse atmosphere. This is the real thing and if you haven't had this kind of food before, take a friend who has.

4) Bellacino's - great, but pricey grinders. so good and so big, I guess if you split one you might not see it as pricey.

5) Goldie's - The best hamburgers evah! This is an Oklahoma chain that started in Tulsa. These burgers are so good my husband, the king of "with everything," eats them straight-up.

There you have it! Have a happy Independence Day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Satisfaction, however fleeting and only two weeks between posts!

It was one of those times, when the planets are aligned, and all is right with the world...

We all come into marriage with these vignettes of ideal marriageosity tucked away in our hearts. Formed by tv or movies, parental example or in contrast to it, expectations major or minor, that are quite often unexpressed to the one most involved in the fulfillment or disappointment of them.

I think I may have shared that the middle (read: 10 years bracketed by the first 3 years, and the ones after), were very difficult in my marriage. As in, please God take me to Heaven, because I can't think of any other way to deal with this much unhappiness. Literally. We held on like shipwreck victims to the last piece of plywood in the ocean - sometimes paddling in the direction of land, sometimes paddling in different directions - getting nowhere, and sometimes just letting the waves carry us out of sheer exhaustion.

We made it to land eventually, collapsing on the beach and lying there until we could find the strength to begin rebuilding. Now, so grateful that neither one of us let go and slipped into the ocean. We are older, hopefully wiser, somewhat worse for wear, but determined as only those who have come through this can be.

So...a precious moment popped up last night without warning - subtle enough that I might have missed it. One of those vignettes...we cooked together. Even now I tear up over something so trivial to most. He grilled chicken and corn on the cob, I made the green beans, new potatoes, and iced tea. We ate together in the living room in peace (the kids are all out of town). Took care of the details - I put away the food and gathered up the trash, he did the dishes and we headed to bed where he rubbed my poor diabetic feet like he does every night. Such precious sweetness. So close to never happening. Today I am satisfied.