Monday, November 19, 2007

God is in His heaven, and all is right with the world!

I'm off, that's right, off for the entire week! I slept late this morning, after, of course, being trampled by a parti-colored standard poodle-dork at dark-thirty o'clock. I have lists and lists made. I love me some lists. We got a Christmas tree from a family at church and it's already put up! Slap me silly and feed me biscuits! I don't even know what to think!

Basically, everything is purchased for the annual Thanksgiving Camp-Out. This year is a real challenge because we will be the only ones camping. Usually there are 4 or more families, so the cooking duties are divided and at least one family has a real oven. However, we are on our own with just a pop-up. The kids are going to have to step up and really help this year. The forecast is cooperating and it's going to be nice and COLD! YAY! WE LOVE COLD! I know, most of you think I'm insane, but when you live your entire life in Texas, cold is a wonderful thing, and a primary reason for moving a bit north.

My middle child, second daughter Rachel Roxanne, has a new blog and wants me to put out the word to everyone to read it. Let me explain, she doesn't proofread. As a magazine editor, I am practicing "Serenity Now" even as I type. Also, SAGA is the cafeteria on her college campus. Finally, she is very funny, so check it out and leave her a comment.

Alas, so much to do, so little diet Coke. Have a wonderful holiday, sweet friends!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


You might want to go potty and get yourself a diet Coke – this is gonna be a long one…Ready?

A few months ago, the women of our church watched a video series by Women of Faith for our Wednesday night class. What a great group of women! Each speaker made us laugh, cry, and grow in our faith.

Now let me backtrack. Our family has suffered financial woes (and, let’s face it, mismanagement) for lo, these many years. While we have been crawling out of this deep pit in the last year, it’s still close all the time. When I get frustrated, I stop to thank the Lord that Food Stamps, WIC, Medicaid, and free school lunches were there when we needed them. And I thank Him that we no longer qualify, and have our own insurance. Still, getting to go to conferences and girls’ weekends has remained in the realm of wishful thinking.

Fast forward to six weeks ago. I just “happened” to look at the WOF website and found a conference in OKC Nov. 2 & 3. I set my heart on going, and believed the money I was anticipating from the editing of a book would be my provision. I announced to the ladies of my church that I was going and would love to have someone join me. A couple of ladies expressed interest, and I thought one was going to make it. Alas, her finances fell through. Still, I determined to go, even if I was all alone.

Two weeks ago it was time for the check to come. My husband was also waiting for 3 expense reimbursement checks to come. One week ago I called to check on my check – they hadn’t mailed it, but would that day. No checks for Doug. This week, I emailed and still have no answer on mine. Doug called on his and discovered they had not mailed his either. In the meantime, we are moving money from accounts and robbing the kids’ piggy banks to cover gas and food. Now remember, I haven’t bought my ticket or booked a hotel yet.

Last week I got an email from one of the ladies at church that she had won tickets to the conference – she and a friend were going and wanted to know if we could ride together and share a hotel. They were in the final drawing for a hotel as well, and were praying for that provision. I let them know about the money situation, and we agreed to pray for each other. This week I found out they won the hotel, too! Yay! Part of my provision has come through. My husband’s regular paycheck came yesterday, so I finally bought my ticket! We’re not sitting together, but I GET TO GO! Still no checks in the mail. I really believe the enemy wanted to thwart this trip. BUT GOD IS GREATER! Though the money was delayed, He held a seat just for me and paid for my hotel.

I’m in need of fun, encouragement, refreshment, and friendship. The move to Tulsa was clearly God’s direction for us, but has been fraught with trouble and loneliness. I miss my Texas friends and haven’t really connected with anyone in town. Just the adjustment to working full-time has been a barrier. Then, when you add in the fact that I go to church an hour from here, all that spur-of-the-moment buddy stuff just ain’t happening.

Yet, God gives grace. My bloggy friends have been His hands extended in so many ways. What a God-send this decision to blog became! I had no idea! I hope that I can find ways to strengthen and encourage you as you have me. Know that I pray God’s blessings on you regularly.

I'm heading out from the office at 4:30 and will try to stay near the speed limit on the road to OKC. Come on snacks, giggles, tears, and fun! I'm so excited that any productivity in my already glacially slow (and cold!) job is mighty unlikely. I will blog all about the conference when I get back, and may learn how to post pictures, too! Love to all!