Saturday, February 24, 2007


Seriously! I got a call yesterday about 2:30 pm from my apartment manager. Apparently someone has kicked in the door - possibly 6 hours ago, and no one reported it until just then. My upstairs neighbor, who apparently enjoys indoor jogging at 2 AM heard some banging at about 9 am, but didn't get up to check on it, or even call the office.

Gone? All my husband's cameras, lenses, filters - he's a photographer. Zach's most prized possession - his electric guitar. GameCube, PS2, dvd player, Rachel's pain meds for her bad knee. Costume jewelry, my camera from my grandparents - graduation gift valuable only to me. Oh - and the extra keys for our new car. You know the kind with the handy dandy black rubber thingy on the end to identify which car they need to steal next.

Most of all a sense of safety. The deadbolt didn't do a thing to keep this guy out. I am so thankful my older daughter was at work and my dog was in his crate. He couldn't have stopped anyone, but he sure could have been hurt or killed. She is sometimes at home without a car, so even if the thief had been surveilling our place to make sure the cars were gone, she could have been there. My husband spent the night in the car, but I don't know what we'll do from here. Oh, btw, no insurance, thanks for asking.

You might have noticed - I become very sarcastic in times like these. It feels more "in control" than crying. And apparently I am all about the control. Sucks to be me. I know the source of all this, and I know we have been making inroads into the territory he stole from us many years ago. We're on our way out of debt...poverty, and the mentality that goes with it. My 14 yr. old son is leading worship and preaching at his public school. My husband and I both work for ministries that advance the kingdom of God. We are entering into ministry positions in our new church. Can you see the big red turrrget circles from where you blog?

People - Lord luv 'em - ask what they can do. Pray. Pray that the thief is caught. Pawning all of our stuff. Intact. and that he gets a raging case of hemorrhoids. No wait, that's last one's probably not right. Maybe it is - I can't really tell right now. Pray that our car is protected. Pray that we can find a new place to live outside of the ghet-to...and his momma cried.

Emotionally I think I'm fine, though I'm having trouble completing sentences. Kinda weird. I'm tired. Had to go in to work early on Saturday to make up the time I lost talking to the policeman who didn't care. Robbed of sleep I so desperately needed and would have enjoyed on this dark, rainy day. My husband is pretty much devastated. He has trouble completing sentences on a good day - now it's like playing charades with a partner who won't give you any hand motions to go on. The kids seem o.k. It will show up in the days to come if they aren't.

Thanks to all for letting me vent. I know it will be better, just right now it isn't

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Call me Rip VanWinkle

Howdy stranger!

Diane asked for an update, I didn't realize how long I've been out-of-pocket! Interpretation of the "Frank Bowla" comment was, "the Karankawa Indians were cannibals," from a car-ride discussion of Native American tribes and Texas History class. See, I told you it was tough.

Everything is finally here from TX; in a storage bldg somewhere are our tax papers. A bit of a problem. Our transmission went out on our van, so...we bought a new (to us) car! It's so exciting to drive a car without surprises - kind of an oxymoron, I think. This, of course, was not in our plans, so the excitement comes also in the walk of faith required to purchase this vehicle. For the record, his name is Isaac because we plan on much laughter within, and because he is the beginning of the fulfillment of God's promises to us.

Church is great and we had a wonderful leadership seminar over the weekend. Some things rearranged on my spiritual gifts inventory, and I think that has to do with a new release of ministry for us. Always exhortation (encouragement) was in first place, with teaching in second, and various things jockeying for third. This time first place went to teaching, with second place - PASTORING!, and exhortation coming in around 4th, tied with MISSIONARY! (but only to countries where indoor plumbing and Diet Coke are standard and eating bugs is not). It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

I actually had a heart leap when I saw my results. I don't know that I'll ever be in a head pastor position (a possibility in my denomination) or head pastor's wife position. It's not necessarily on my heart to do so. I'm pretty unconventional as far as pastors or their wives are concerned. I mean, really, how many of those have, and wear till threadbare, a goth "Hello Kitty" shirt? (And where can I get a new one?) I do love being the second banana, though. So, all that to say, we'll see.

Latest cryptic statement is easy - "I miss you hole punches!" o o o o o

That's all the news from Lake Woebegon!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

interpretation please...

Latest cryptically understood statement: The Frank Bowla Indians were Garanimals! I realize you couldn't possibly get this one, but at least try.

We're pretty much moved in, but not put away. May have to BE put away in a short time. Actually, we're just cutting back on the vacuuming by eliminating floor space altogether.

So good to have my husband here! Though until we get our new kingsize bed, the double is a little too close for my mental health.

We had six helpers to feed last night and it was just have a place full of high school and college kids to feed and share funny stories with. I feel a calling, or maybe just a confirmation of a calling, in our first guests. We'll see where the Lord takes this.