Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gaining momentum for the big day!

Waiting, in vain, for a new position. *sigh* I didn't get the job, so much disappointment all around. Trying, in vain, to understand God and His ways. *bigger sigh* *adding a pout*

Andrea crunched her car a couple of days ago, and she is so sad she actually blogged about it. Her first accident. Lots of tears. Leave her some bloggy love, will you.

We're trying to plan Thanksgiving (my most favoritest holiday), without, of course, actually doing any real planning. Here's the deal...we camp for Thanksgiving. Yes, I know it's weird, but since our extended families are where fun goes to die, we decided to change things about 5 years ago. All three of our kids aged 15, 18, 21 love camping. At the same time! How could we pass that up? The deal is, this year we live in Oklahoma, not Texas. And the folks that did the planning in years past live in Texas. So we have to be the grups this year. They also had the only real oven because of their fancy-schmancy camper. Oh, and the turkey deep fryer. I'm going to have to lie down now, I'm feeling faint.

So, for any of you who live near Grand Lake, Ok (I wish we were going to Grand Lake, CO!) and know anything about campsites, please help a sister out!


MotoMom said...

Sorry about the job! Thanksgiving sounds like fun though, camping is always fun and that time of year I bet you have the whole place practically to yourselves. You will have to post pics when you get back.

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

I'm sorry the job didn't come through for you. But you watch ... something better will come along.

I can't help you with the camping. The only way I "camp" any more is in a fully outfitted RV. That means electricity and hot running water and a DVD player. Stuff like that. You know, that's not even really camping, is it?

A turkey deep fryer? My word!

I died laughing at your remark about extended families being where fun goes to die. Can't say I blame you for going camping. :-)

Diane J. said...

Too bad about the job, but I agree with Barb. Hopefully God has something even better in store for you.

I hope Andrea is okay! I'll drop by to visit her after I leave here....

Sorry, can't help you with OK camping. Arkansas I might possibly be able to help.

I love deep friend turkey, especially when it's been injected with Cajun butter marinade. YUM!!

Love and hugs,