Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Seventeen?

Seventeen things you might not know about me

Ok, I know this was a Thursday Thirteen, but I couldn't blast my daughter's behind away from the computer before now. So here goes.

1. If I could have any gift/skill in the world...the ability to dance. I watch all dance movies - awful acting and all- and dream that I can actually put the lower half of my body into some kind of synchronization with the top half.

2. I actually took a hip hop dance class a couple of years ago. If you've ever seen me in person, please tone the guffaws down to a mild chortle. It was me and 3 girls from a high school drill team and a girl in junior high. Wow. With mirrors everywhere.
3. I think I'm thinner and more attractive than I really am. This is why photographs are so unwelcome and so shocking. Unfortunately, when I was MUCH thinner and more attractive, I didn't have a clue.

4. I was plagued by nightmares as a child and couldn't watch any t.v. show or movie that was even slightly scary. This includes "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" with Don Knotts. Ok, stop guffawing, I can hear you. When I got older I learned to change my dreams when they started to turn dark and now I almost never have any trouble at all. Even after watching really dark, psychological movies. I still don't do the whole Freddy Krueger, Halloween, SawIII thing, though.

5. As outgoing as I am - I can literally carry on a balanced, two-way conversation with virtually anyone - I often agonize over my own foolishness and/or foot-in-mouth disease on my way home.

6. I don't consider myself maternal in the slightest. I always wanted children, but the actual raising of them has been quite a challenge. It's not their fault, just how it is. I actually do better with teenagers, even in jr. high, than with toddlers through elementary. I know. Weird, huh?

7. I have an uncanny memory for faces, and I'm pretty good with names, too. If I tell you your face is familiar, I will eventually figure out where I met you before. In another state. 22 years ago.

8. I have a nearly all-consuming desire to be on stage. Except I don't do skits. They're not cool.

9. I have a minister's license and I am third generation in the ministry. I don't preach, but I do teach, counsel, sing, and write.

10. My most difficult birthday was my 30th, because I had not finished my degree and I was disappointed in myself. By 40 I had my B.A. and was working on my M.Ed. Much better.

11. I still feel that the bigness of my life is ahead of me. I hope I'm not wrong about this because I believe there is bigness in me. At this point there is definitely bigness to me.

12. I took an English horseback riding class in college and it was one of the most fun things I have ever done. One of these days I'm getting a horse and I don't care if it harelips the Devil! What exactly does that phrase mean?

13. I don't think I am creative. I'm really good at following a pattern, and that is not the same thing.

14. Did I mention that I'm weird. Oh, you already knew that. What I didn't realize growing up and trying desperately to hide my weirdness, was that it was like trying to hide a fart. Particularly if one is lactose intolerant. I have found, however, that weirdness seems to be "in" these days and I enjoy a certain degree of coolness to my own bewilderment.

15. I carry Play-Doh with me at all times, because when I get stressed out I like to smell it. Please refer to the above item.

16. When I was in college, different school, I slid down the bannister of the music bldg. in a dress. Unfortunately, the young man at the bottom neglected to catch me and I broke my foot.

17. I had a black belt in dating before I married 23 years ago. I did mention that I was much thinner and more attractive then, didn't I?

O.k. that's certainly more than anyone really needed to know. I'm going to bed now. Feel free to spread the love.


Anonymous said...

D.D.! Does this mean your e-mail is working again?

I loved your seventeen, and some of these things even I didn't know about you. For me, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken was the limit of scariness when I was little. I can still see the blood-stained organ keys and Don Knotts' eyes popping out of his face....


mombo said...

Bunky, I knew you would understand! Yes, I have email and internet and indoor plumbing! You can reach me at better than the old but it still works, too.

Big Mama said...

Oh my goodness this made me laugh. Especially carrying the playdough around, but in a weird way I get it.

Barb said...

Good grief, this is funny. Harelips the devil? Who knows what it means but it cracks me up.

Play-Doh? Ummm. OK. That is a little weird.

I know for a fact I'm not creative. But I can do almost anything with a pattern and halfway decent instructions.

This was fun. That black belt in dating remark made me cackle out loud. :-)

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I know you're weird, and I still love you. Maybe that's why I do? :)