Monday, October 16, 2006

Sweet, sweet connection

I'm cookin' with gas, now!

Actually, I'm not cooking at all, my sweet daughter is. I'm merely sitting on the floor of my new apartment...BLOGGING! Yes friends, I finally have internet. No couch, no desk, no table, no box springs, no bedframe, no lamps. I do have a small t.v., a computer with INTERNET!, an air mattress for Andrea and a queen mattress for me. Oh, find of finds - we happened upon a not-so-gently used chair and coffee table at the DUMPSTER! Now we can have High Tea with the Queen! She gets the chair of course.

I spent my Saturday partaking of various forms of chocolate. Dicey business for a diabetic, but I persevered. Actually my boss' women's group put together a Chocolate Boutique women's day and she invited Andrea and me. It was a treat, not just because of the chocolate (MMMMM!), but because a day on the floor watching our 4 t.v. stations didn't hold much appeal. Now this wasn't just about eating, but also about how God's love is extravagant, and necessary, just like chocolate. You can get the details of how to do your own C.B. at and enjoy!

I hardly know what to blog about since I've been so out of touch. I want you to know you may tag me for any meme you'd like and I'll be sure to respond. No word yet on a job for Doug.

I'm doing pretty well, considering... Considering my van started smoking last Wednesday and he had to make a mad dash up here to replace a hose that went to the coolant, pump, valve thingy. I know it may not seem cost effective to drive that round trip, but imagine the cost of limping one's van into an unknown repair shop and saying, "Um, I think it's broke. Can you fix it?"

I snickered feverishly at In the Midst of It's post today. Dangerous in an office setting. I'm sure you all did, too, because I think the only ones who read my blog are related to her. OOH! If you'll notice, I just created my very first link or two. You may gaze in wonder. You may also notice (please concur) that I've gotten my funny back on. Apparently it was attached to personal internet service. Who'da thunk it? It's a good thing, too, because all that whining was gettin' on my last nerve. I must say, however, that Monday is the saddest day of the week because my MomTime buddies are playing without me. You know who you are!

I'll sign off before this officially becomes the longest post evah. I'll be back. Soon.


Barb said...

I guess there are a few of us out here who are related to Sarah. And that post she did cracked me up. I had exactly the same thing happen in the waiting room of a doctor's office where my husband was having a kidney stone pulverized. Baby had a blowout and I'd left home so quickly I didn't grab the diaper bag. And of course the stupid doctor's office didn't have any diapers on hand.

Anyway, I'm glad you got your internet back. It's very very weird when you don't have it, isn't it? You sound so much better and I for one and thrilled you're getting your funny back!

Diane said...

Well, you're making progress toward getting the whole family and dog there with you. I'm glad to hear you're back online now. It will be good to look at my bloglines and see that you're posting more often. I've missed you, and I also want to hear all the ways God is working through this moving experience.

Take care, Mombo

Kathleen Marie said...

This is my first visit. Glad I stopped by. I hope you are all settled very soon. Have you ever used one of those chocolate waterfalls? Those are awesome and not difficult to use and they aren't too horrible expensive.

seeking perfect peace said...

So glad you're back up. I haven't made Momtime in like 3 weeks and it's killing me, especially since I'm going to explode with baby any moment. Would you please email me back? I miss you! Erica

mombo said...


Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I tried SO hard to leave a comment here thanking you for the link love, but Blogger hated me that day.

So thank you for the link love:)

And hooray on making a link!