Tuesday, November 28, 2006

All the News from Lake Woebegone

Wow, I didn't realize how long it has been since I blogged last. And WOO HOO, I have 10 subscribers out there. DOUBLE DIGITS! SHWEET!

I'll have to type fast 'cause I'm on lunch. Great Thanksgiving - 4 1/2 days with my hubby! And kids! And the Greatest Dog in the World! The weather was perfect, though my dressing didn't taste quite right. Zach caught his first fish.

Sunday I got to go to the home church for a wonderful service with Kent Henry. Probably the MOST ADD worship leader ever. Still, an anointed man. Who called MY SON up to pray for him and to pass on that anointing to him. He even sat and listened to the songs my 14 yr. old has been writing. SO HONORED! Truly a day to remember. Didn't get to see Erica or the new baby - GRRRR! She was off at the IN-LAWS! You owe me, Chica!

Just for fun I decided to get a RAGING Sinus Infection! Maybe NOT such a good idea.

I have to say that "Good-byeing" doesn't get any easier with practice. One child decided to start a big fight just to ease the sadness. Not such a good idea either. Doug drove me back to Tulsa, and went for a possible interview. PPLBBLTTT! They offered him $8/hr. Right. My big ol' macho husband nearly cried on my shoulder last night. I'm pretty sure he did as he was driving back to Texas. When you're praying - include us. We're really tired of the separation. And the no money. And the sinus infection. WHINE!

One piece of good news. My cousin, who pastors a church about an hour from here, has asked me to do some counseling for his congregation, and so we're working on a day of the week that I can come out and fulfill part of God's calling on my life. I'm really excited about it and the opportunity to support his ministry.

I'd best go now. I have read each of your posts, I just haven't commented. I know, shame on me. I'll try to get that caught up tonite.


Barb said...

Boy, Mombo. This post sounds like I could have written it. Up. And down. Blessings and worries.

I'm sorry about your poor husband's interview. Believe me, I do know exactly how you both feel. We're dealing with the same thing here. And this is not the best time of year to have to worry about money, is it? I so emphatize with this post.

I also understand that it's wonderful to have some time with your family but saying goodbye again gets harder each time. I'm looking toward the day you're all together again, as you should be.

The news about working in your cousin's ministry is great, though. And I'm keeping all of you in my prayers. Next year WILL be a better year. For all of us!

Anonymous said...

Hey, L. I'm sorry life is still stinking. I hope 2007 starts off better! I got to see Erica's baby Monday--what a cutie!

I need your address--can you email me at inthemidstofit@gmail.com and give it to me? I have something for you:)