Thursday, November 09, 2006

Enough's enough!

I have to say that independence is overrated. I always thought of myself as an independent person. Appears I was woefully mislead. Since moving to OK over two months ago, I am not more self-confident, nor am I more interesting. I am not more patient, nor am I more trusting of God. I'd say this little experiment is a resounding failure.

I do, however, appreciate my family, my dog, and my washer and dryer a great deal more. Also the simple act of touch. Nobody touches me out here on my own. Did you know your skin can ache from the absence of touch? As much as I may declare that I have personal space issues, this is not what I was looking for. I miss having someone to sit by in church, leading worship, or the opportunity to sing a "special" from time to time.

I need my family and I need God to open up a job for my husband. I don't like crying every day. It hurts and it messes up my sinuses something awful.

p.s. My daughter needs some readers for her blog if you don't mind stopping by I know she'd appreciate a shout out.


Diane said...

Aw, bless your heart! I know you miss your hubby and kids so much. I'll be praying that things will work out soon so you can all be together again. I know it's hard to wait on the Lord and be patient when your heart's broken for missing your family, but try. I pray God will give you peace as you wait on Him, Mombo. I'll add you and your family to my Sunday School prayer list at church Sunday morning. We have some mighty prayer warriors and we've seen God move in miraculous ways.

Keep the faith, my friend.

Now I'll go visit your daughter. :-)

Barb said...

Is there any end to this separation in sight, Mombo? I can't imagine how hard it is for you. I know you have your one daughter there but are there any plans at all for the rest of the family to move to OK? I suppose it all hinges on your husband finding a job. I hate that you guys are going through this.

momdia said...

Hello Mombo, From reading your've really been through some storms! I will pray for your husband a job. It must be hard being separated for so long. God can and will work it out. He is good all the time.

mombo said...

He is, and I've felt convicted about not speaking in faith as I ought. I'm going to try really hard to keep my words and attitude positive as the holidays approach.