Saturday, February 24, 2007


Seriously! I got a call yesterday about 2:30 pm from my apartment manager. Apparently someone has kicked in the door - possibly 6 hours ago, and no one reported it until just then. My upstairs neighbor, who apparently enjoys indoor jogging at 2 AM heard some banging at about 9 am, but didn't get up to check on it, or even call the office.

Gone? All my husband's cameras, lenses, filters - he's a photographer. Zach's most prized possession - his electric guitar. GameCube, PS2, dvd player, Rachel's pain meds for her bad knee. Costume jewelry, my camera from my grandparents - graduation gift valuable only to me. Oh - and the extra keys for our new car. You know the kind with the handy dandy black rubber thingy on the end to identify which car they need to steal next.

Most of all a sense of safety. The deadbolt didn't do a thing to keep this guy out. I am so thankful my older daughter was at work and my dog was in his crate. He couldn't have stopped anyone, but he sure could have been hurt or killed. She is sometimes at home without a car, so even if the thief had been surveilling our place to make sure the cars were gone, she could have been there. My husband spent the night in the car, but I don't know what we'll do from here. Oh, btw, no insurance, thanks for asking.

You might have noticed - I become very sarcastic in times like these. It feels more "in control" than crying. And apparently I am all about the control. Sucks to be me. I know the source of all this, and I know we have been making inroads into the territory he stole from us many years ago. We're on our way out of debt...poverty, and the mentality that goes with it. My 14 yr. old son is leading worship and preaching at his public school. My husband and I both work for ministries that advance the kingdom of God. We are entering into ministry positions in our new church. Can you see the big red turrrget circles from where you blog?

People - Lord luv 'em - ask what they can do. Pray. Pray that the thief is caught. Pawning all of our stuff. Intact. and that he gets a raging case of hemorrhoids. No wait, that's last one's probably not right. Maybe it is - I can't really tell right now. Pray that our car is protected. Pray that we can find a new place to live outside of the ghet-to...and his momma cried.

Emotionally I think I'm fine, though I'm having trouble completing sentences. Kinda weird. I'm tired. Had to go in to work early on Saturday to make up the time I lost talking to the policeman who didn't care. Robbed of sleep I so desperately needed and would have enjoyed on this dark, rainy day. My husband is pretty much devastated. He has trouble completing sentences on a good day - now it's like playing charades with a partner who won't give you any hand motions to go on. The kids seem o.k. It will show up in the days to come if they aren't.

Thanks to all for letting me vent. I know it will be better, just right now it isn't


Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Oh - my heart hurts for you, seriously. My husband had someone break in, when he was married before, obviously looking for stuff to sell for drugs, which is what this sounds like too. He said what they stole didn't matter; what they left behind was a sense of being violated, intruded upon, and they hated that. He had skiis, cameras, coin collections, a special watch, etc. I'm so so sorry for you. And your precious family. The evil in people makes me long for heaven, where it won't reign. It's alive and well on planet earth, for sure. xoxoox

Kelli said...

Mombo- I'm so glad and thank ful that your fmaily is intact. I know people will say "stuff is stuff" but I cna't imagine the feeling of having your home invaded y some idiot thirf.

Praying the kids, and you two, sleep well at night.

And for the raging case off hemoirroids. And a toothache- a really bad toothache. Watch out, thief!

Diane J. said...

Yup...As my Daddy would say, "I seed it comin', sure as shootin'". I'm so sorry Satan is trying to attacking you through your possessions and by violating the sanctuary of your home.

My sister and BIL were robbed on Thanksgiving Day 14 years ago. I just happened to have a few personal things there that were taken. They also had some Christmas gifts they had bought early and put back. One of the worst things about it was Brian had shown one particular piece of jewelry he had bought Cecil to me and one neighbor. ONLY me and the neighbor. Yeah.

Needless to say I had nothing to do with the robbery, but it still made me feel funny. And the neighbor had been a trusted friend up until that time. Yeah, we all felt violated and betrayed, among other things.

Some of the things were recovered from a pawn shop, but personalized things like my sister's Sr. ring and a bracelet I had just got her with her name engraved on it were never found, of course.

And the neighbor was never charged with anything. Not enough proof, the cops said, even though the thieves went straight to a hiding place for that necklace that only Brian, I and the neighbor knew about, then other places the neighbor knew Brian had valuables. They didn't ransack the house like a stranger would. They KNEW where to go without searching.

You might want to watch your neighbors. They saw you carry some of that stuff in, and it sounds strange to me that nobody heard anything...

Anyhow, I'll be praying for the whole situation, Mombo.



Judith said...

Oh Mombo, I am so sorry this happened to you and your family. Thank God none of you got hurt. It's more than hurt enough that you were all violated.

I agree with Diane it's a very big red flag that someone said they heard noise, but didn't report it. I will pray that whoever did this is caught soon, in whatever way the police can.

Barb said...

I don't know what to say, Mombo. I can't believe this happened to you and your family after the struggle you've been through just to be together again. I'm so, so sorry.

The loss of the material things is devastating, I know. We've been through this twice. But thank God your daughter wasn't there and your dog was confined.

The sense of violation is one that will take a long, long time to overcome, but you know that because you deal in these emotions.

I'm just so sorry. I hope to goodness they catch the thief and you recover your things - some of which are irreplaceale.

If it's anyh consolation, one of the two times this happened to us, the thief WAS apprehended and we did recover the things he'd stolen from us.

For heaven's sake, what an awful thing to happen to you and what on earth is wrong with your neighbor? That IS a red flad, for sure.

Judith said...

Mombo and family,

Just checking on you all again. I am so sad that you were treated like this. I'll be praying for you.

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Oh, L. I am so sorry! I'm praying for you, but I'm thinking on what else I can do. I'll get back to you.

I hope things are looking up since you posted this.

Oh! And pray for double vision. You know, to go along with the hemorrhoids and toothache. That should lay him low for a while. Creep.

Deena said...

Hmmm...I thought I just stumbled over your blog, but I can sense I was directed here. Sweetie, my heart goes out to you. Joining with you in prayer that the thief get caught and that your sense of safety be restored. God is in control, even when it doesn't seem like it, but you know that, don't you? Oh, just sending you lots of love and prayers...and so glad to see you still have your sense of I always say, "That which doesn't kill you had sure enough better make you laugh!"