Friday, March 16, 2007

just a little sumpin' sumpin'

Thought I'd catch you all up on the latest at the ark.

We're minus one bird - YAY! - given away not deceased. We have a friend visiting from TX who is much larger than said bird, but not nearly as annoying.

No, nothing has been found or returned from the robbery. FEH!

Graduation and prom plans are being made, so much girly excitement in the casa agua de Noah!

I drove over a hole in the ground yesterday and damaged some thingy that transports power steering fluid to the, um, power steering. So, more power is needed from the steerer. Actually, dead, dead, deadsky as far as driving is considered. Not on the new car, but on Andrea's. So, we're back to one car until my husband can find time between his two jobs to fix it. Yes, I feel very sad about that. As my "ever optimistic" dad used to say, "The hits just keep on comin'!" Yeah, he was just a bowl of sunshine. Not to worry, God will take care of all of this. Easy to see the enemy's hand at work these days because...

I'm a church staff member! I'm the Associate Pastor over Ministries! Also directly responsible for worship, counseling, and women's ministries in addition to the delegation and oversight of the other ministries of the BIG category. Sounds impressive, right? Well, at this point there are only about 80 adults, so I'm not too overwhelmed. Just excited. Wish I could just do this and still put my kids through college. I'm so very thankful, and unworthy, but still wanting to do this! So I guess the devil might be just a bit peeved.

Thought I'd share the love, interpeeps!


Barb said...

Well, there you are!

Congratulations on the promotion. I don't blame you for being excited.

You know, I use that expression, about how the hits keep on comin' from time to time. I think I'd better delete that one from my stash. Because really, I AM a bowl of sunshine. LOL

Nice to hear from you again. I still can't think about the robbery without getting ticked off for you.

Judith said...

I am thankful you're keeping on keeping on. Have checked your site several times to see if you're able to do that.

Thank the Good Lord for your church work. If Satan's trying to screw up things, that just means he's upset because he knows what a great job you're doing. Best defense I know is to keep on keeping on, especially if you're heartsick, and why wouldn't you be. Sorry about the car. You could have done without that. I am praying for you.

Judith said...

Thinking of you Mombo.
Love and God Bless!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Sometimes it seems like assault from all sides. You guys have certainly had more than your share in the world's eyes, but I know God's in control of it all. Your testimony at the other end of this all is going to be something, and in the meantime I'm praying for God to do mighty things, providing in all sorts of crazy ways. xoxo