Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Anticipation...Anticipa-ya-tion is makin' me wait!

My dear hubs rolled out of bed this morning before God was even up yet. He was headed out to Houston for the third, and yea final, round of interviews for a new job. It's one of those gauntlet processes where he will have four interviews today. Lord, help the boy! No, we're not moving again (bite your tongue!), that's just where the company is located. He would be the district sales rep over Oklahoma and part of Arkansas. This is a position for which he is particularly suited and trained, and it represents a significant increase in pay and benefits. GO GOD!

In other news, our middler is moved in at ORU and having a BLAST! I hope she studies and goes to class in between all the fun. After protesting that she would TOO come home every weekend, and teach Sunday school this quarter, she has now decided that she will probably be unavailable to teach at all. Not a surprise. It was just the separation anxiety talking.

My vacation - though much too short - was rather productive. I FINALLY completed my duvet cover...a project nearly ten years in the making! It's a really LONG story in which I am frustrated with my husband for long periods of time. So I won't be sharing it. Also, we cleaned out the garage! I am parking my CAR in the GARAGE! Have you people ever heard of such a thing? It's truly a first for the Funny family.

Late Breaking Bulletin - I just received a call from the youngest that he made callbacks for the school play! One of only 3 freshment to do so! The move has been a much rougher transition for him than we anticipated, so I've been praying for an opening. Apparently, confident 14 yr. old Texans aren't well received elsewhere. He has a great deal of acting experience, so maybe this will do the trick.

That's all I know for now. Pray for my hubs, folks!


Diane J. said...

Got your email, been praying. Your antispam program at ORU keeps bouncing my emails back to me as spam.

I'm expecting to hear good things from those interviews....

Love and hugs,


Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

You know I'm praying for hubs and I can't wait to hear how it goes.

And no, as a matter of fact, in 28 years of marriage, we have never once parked a car in our garage. Are you kidding me? That's where all the overflow from the house ends up. On my side, that is. Rob's side is one huge workshop. LOL

I seriously don't even think of the garage as a place to park a car. Why waste all that available space!

congratulations to your son. Things are sounding pretty good over here these days. :-)

Judith said...

Am praying God's blessings about the job, and getting through all those interviews well. Am also praying for your college kids, for some reason especially for the one with his Texas confidence. When we moved to colorado people knew we talked funny, and they didn't much like our walk either. Some called it a swagger. Am praying for you, Mombo, so look for blessings all over the place.