Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Meme! With Linkies! Look at all the Linkies!

My husband is still floating about 3 feet off the ground, and only comes down when he has to go to the last few days of his old job. He has ordered his new phone and is eagerly anticipating his new laptop. He’ll begin Sept. 10th by training in Houston. I’ll miss him, but I’m so glad he’s getting to do this. Now if I could just get a new job, it would be great.

Here’s a meme for your reading pleasure. I got most of it from Diane, but being neurotic I just HAD to fill in the missing letters!

ACCENT – I lived most of my life in Texas, but I also had several years of diction and voice lessons, so it really depends on who I’m with at the time. I have a very sympathetic ear.

BEVERAGE I DON'T DRINK – hmm…coffee – it smells great but >:P , alcohol – I don’t care for the taste of it much and I’d rather use my carbs and calories on something else.

CHORE I HATE – only one? I guess cleaning the bathroom, but I just hate cleaning, hanging up my clothes, washing dishes, etc. The only problem with that is I hate a messy house even more.

DOGS or other PETS – Curly Joe Pancake Taylor, a 4 yr. old poodle/terrier mix, and the greatest dog ever

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS – computer, Palm Treo 680 phone, stereo

FRAGRANCE – Safari One that I can only find by chance at Steinmart(s) or Ross

GOLD or SILVER – silver

HOLIDAY – I want to go to IRELAND!

INSOMNIA – always, without medication I would only sleep about 3 hours a night and be a monster the rest of the time

JOB TITLE – writer/editor, wife, mom

KIDS – Andrea – 21, Roxanne – 18, Zach - 14

LOVE OF YOUR LIFE – Doug, in October married 24 years and more in love today than ever

MOST ADMIRED TRAIT – my confidence, though some are intimidated by it at first

NEGLECT – exercise, woefully neglected

OPINION – There are many “right” ways to parent, and each family needs to find what works best for them. I can share my victories and failures, but who am I to say what I have chosen is God’s way.

PHOBIA – heights and related to that - stairs

QUEST – to find a way to get paid just to be me

RELIGION – I started life as Pentecostal Holiness until Dad quit pastoring when I was one, Southern Baptist till 9th grade, Assembly of God through college and early marriage, Foursquare for the last 20 years.

SIBLINGS – Eric – 55, Pam – 53, Joyce – 50

TIME I WAKE UP – 6:50 am to avoid the alarm at 7 (it’s weird, I know), 8:30 ish on weekends

UNUSUAL TALENT/SKILL – I can ride a unicycle.

VEGETABLE – Fried okra is my favorite, I dislike so many I couldn’t pick the worst

WORST HABIT - procrastination

X-RAYS – teeth, head, neck, mammogram, arm, back, ovaries, foot – I pretty much glow in the dark. Hey, maybe that’s why I can’t sleep!

YOUR FAVORITE MEAL – my prime rib, Steamed Asparagus with Butter and Pine Nuts, Potatoes with Cheese Sauce, Cookie Monster - fresh, hot chocolate chip cookie baked in a mini-iron skillet, topped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge (you can get them at Cheddar's if you have one in your area).

ZOOLANDER, Have you seen it? Yes, I loved it.

I'm going to tag a few people to do this meme. If you want to do this one, feel free to snag it for yourself. And if you're like me and feel like you're chasing your tail at times, feel free NOT to do this. Tag somebody else or not, your choice.


Diane J. said...

What fun, L! ;D

Are you already looking for a new job, or just looking ahead to a better one sometime in the future?

Love and hugs,


Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

L, I got the email about Doug's interview--and now to read this today; hooray for him! Hooray for all of you; this has been a LONG time coming! I feel like maybe I can throw away the index card from MomTime now?

I think of you often and am so glad to hear things are picking you up!

I'm hugging you from TX :)

MotoMom said...

Not liking coffee? That I don't get, stairs on the other hand, I'm with you there. Fun list!

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

OK. You can ride a unicycle AND you figured out the whole links thing.

I'm in AWE of you. LOL

Scratchin' the Surface said...

Don could ride a unicycle too! It just always amazes me anyone has the guts to climb up on them, they seem so high up in the air and youre bound to fall off a few times in the learning process. xoxo

TomboyTechnology said...

Heights, mom? How can you love rollercoasters and be scared of heights?

Diane J. said...

Yoo hoo....anybody home? ;D

Just missing you here, hope everything's okay. And what about that job???