Thursday, January 17, 2008

Because I'm all original like that

In the interests of a) fulfilling my only New Year's Resolution - to blog more often b) complete disclosure and c) risking no questions WHATSOEVER...

I'm jumping on the "Ask me anything" bandwagon today. Now, I can't imagine that anyone might have had questions up to this point that they may have held back. And I am unabashedly open in person. TMI, anyone? But if, perchance, you might want to know my favorite curry, or my first...whatever...ask away. I will be pleased as punch to answer any question pertaining to me. I'll be more circumspect about family member questions. I'd actually like to receive birthday presents.


Diane J. said...

Okey dokey: If your house was on fire and you could save only one thing, the thing dearest to your heart, what would it be? Other than your pets and loved ones, of course. That's a given.

Bev said...

I'd truly love to know if your sense of humor runs in your family. You're so witty, really. And what type of humor does your husband have? It seems generally opposites end up together, so is he very quiet and serene, or do you both just crack each other up? You crack me up!

Can I ask two - (I asked my sister 4!) why did you choose your profession? Did you see yourself leaning that way or was it family dynamics, etc. Okay - I'll stop! xoxo