Monday, January 21, 2008

everything you ever wanted to know about me, but were afraid to ask

O.K., so I received A question. Just as I suspected. I've already told more than anyone wanted to know. It's fine - I'm not bitter. Really. I always look like this. Really.

But, I will answer the question posed to me by "Okey dokey: If your house was on fire and you could save only one thing, the thing dearest to your heart, what would it be? Other than your pets and loved ones, of course. That's a given."

I thought long and hard on this one and discarded the usual suspects: photos, my Bible (which is on my PDA that I would have on me anyway), family heirlooms (we don't really have any). And what I finally came up with was my comforter. You don't understand. This is a ten-year comforter. See, my husband doesn't leave the decorating decisions up to me. He also only wants to buy something like a comforter once in his lifetime, so he must GET IT RIGHT! Over ten years ago, literally, we began looking for material. Since we had less than zero dollars at the time, it was moot really when we found the perfect fabric for the top of our comforter cover. We waited nearly three years for the material to go on clearance, and nearly missed it entirely as it was being discontinued. We bought the whole bolt, put it in the closet, and began looking for the fabric for the underside. And the trim.

I got all rebellious and bought a white down comforter for the inside off of ebay. WITHOUT EVEN CONSULTING HIM! Amazingly, we are still together. During all this time, the debate on whether I would make the cover (a professional seamstress for 10 years), or whether we would have someone else do it, because I might mess it up, waged on. Two years passed before we found the underside material. Then another year before we found the perfect cording.

Then, I moved to Oklahoma for 5 months alone while he tried to find a job here. No time (or room) for sewing during our time in the ghetto. If you'll remember, I call it that, not because of racial issues, but the fact that we were robbed THREE TIMES while we were there. We were eventually reunited and then moved out of the ghetto. Getting settled once again, I finally made the comforter cover. We have just now decided on the appropriate closure for it, so it should be complete in the next month.

To my husband's credit, he has AMAZING taste. The comforter is perfect. The top is a tapestry-like material in a forest green and moss green general swirly kind of thing, with dusty rose and deep red colored cabbage roses with individual threads of gold, here and there. Really hard to explain. The underside is a deep red iridescent fabric, stitched in a diamond pattern. The cording is the same deep red, with a burgundy twist. I'll try to figure out how to post a picture. When you see it, I think you'll be impressed.

So really, I just couldn't face going through that process again. I have actually had a fire in my home back in Texas. I grabbed my purse, the bridesmaids dresses I was working on, and the TV REMOTE! When I realized that I didn't have the TV to go with it. I took it back inside. My husband took all the computer stuff, put it on our bed, and covered it with a blanket. Apparently, we were both ENTIRELY COHERENT at 3 am when our duplex was in flames.

Perhaps it is a good thing to think about this question and plan for the worst. If anyone else has a question, I'll be happy to answer it. I'll just be here. Waiting.

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Diane J. said...

I understand your comforter issues completely, Mombo. I am fiercely loyal to my sheets and bed coverings myself. I would like to see a picture if you can post one. It sounds really pretty.

Just after I married and left home my parents' house burned in 1987. My sister turned off a pot of beans cooking on the stove but left her watch and wedding rings on the kitchen table. Rational thought goes out the window in that kind of a crisis, it seems.

Thanks for answering my question, and hope you have a great week! ;o)

Love and hugs,