Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I'm so excited! Bev has questions for me!

I'd truly love to know if your sense of humor runs in your family. You're so witty, really. And what type of humor does your husband have? It seems generally opposites end up together, so is he very quiet and serene, or do you both just crack each other up? You crack me up!

I have a very dry sense of humor that comes straight from my father and brother. I believe it developed because I was born much later than my siblings, so I was always trying to fit in with the older group. I practically cut my teeth on Pat Paulsen, David Steinberg, Firesign Theater, and George Carlin. (wow, does that sound old!) I also love to make people laugh...now. As a kid, I must have been hilarious, because I was always saying, "Stop laughing at me!"

On the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator I score 100% extrovert. My husband is much more introverted, but is in sales as a profession. He does crack me up, and he thinks I'm pretty funny. His favorite comedy is House, so you can tell he appreciates dry humor as well.

Can I ask two - (I asked my sister 4!) why did you choose your profession? Did you see yourself leaning that way or was it family dynamics, etc. Okay - I'll stop! xoxo

I consider my "profession" to be counseling, though I'd rather it was singing. But you have to get paid for it to be a profession, right? I don't think the occasional wedding and funeral count. BTW, as soon as I can find the recording I'll post the song that made it all the way to Iraq (scroll down). Anyhoo, even as a child I was always bringing home "strays" - hurting people. I couldn't help myself. It was as if I had this neon sign over my head that said, "Tell me, I'm safe." Eventually I decided I might as well train and get paid for something I was doing all the time. Here's God sense of humor. I'm stuck in an office all alone, all day long, working as a writer. Except I don't get to do much writing. So the overall whining and complaining of my life at this point is entirely due to being shut off from people. Please keep praying for a new job for me!

Keep those questions coming, folks.


Saga 'Lover' said...

you forgot to add that you passed your hummor on to me!

Bev said...

Hey, thanks for answering! I figured your hubby was the other side of the personality spectrum, since that's the way it usually works, we humans thinking it's fun to spend a lifetime rubbing each other wrong! And that your husband considers House 'humor' - that just struck me. I find him so irritating I can't even watch him, and of course it's one of my husband's favorite shows so it's become my bubble bath time. And I've lost touch again - I didnt realize your job was yucky again. So we'll start up praying again. That God, he keeps us on a short leash doesnt he? xoxo