Monday, August 28, 2006

How About A Game of Catch (up)?

OOH! So much to late at night. O.K. I'll try to catch up on some info and relate some heartfelt musings.

1. I've discovered one of the many reasons why my family thinks I am a raving lunatic. I have found that by the time I have answered "What's for dinner?" individually for each and every member of the family (with at least one "I don't like that.") if you are the last person to ask, it sucks to be you because I will have forgotten that you haven't asked the other 5 times and I will probably yell at you. This also goes for requests for purchases or money. Can't all you family members take a meeting, decide on the questions and ask them just once? I mean really.

2. If it were possible I believe that I would be bald, entirely, by now from the stress of waiting for God's timing. I know, I know. I shouldn't worry, shouldn't stress, should have more faith, lean to the left and hold my tongue just right. Forgive me. I'm absolutely doing my level best.

3. What's the deal with school supplies? Why do I need to supply extras to turn in to the teacher every year? What are they doing with all those protractors? On whose authority does my son's teacher give him a daily grade of 40 because payday and subsequent supply shopping didn't come until after the first two weeks of school? Do I care that said teacher may be offended by the letter he received from me after hearing about said daily grade? I do not. I. Am. Moving. Not sure when, but this is my mantra of faith and I will not be shaken. I have it on good authority (my brother, the pastor) that this is what is meant by "having done all to stand, stand therefore." Besides, wasn't all that revenue from the Texas Lottery supposed to have all of our children up to their hoo-hahs in markers and laptops? Who's spending that money and how can I get my hands on a couple of protractors to wield on behalf of all broke parents?

4. Pardon me a moment while I return my soapbox to its locked and upright position... there now, where was I?

5. My son is a sheep dog. Not as in shaggy, but as in obliged to control by nudging. He has always been this way and is not likely to change. The problem is, I resist nudging. Wait, make that "the hair stands up on the back of my neck" when this happens. So you see my dilemma. Put that together with the fact that he is the youngest and figure in #1 of this post and you will get a clear picture of a great many of our interactions. Were he not also the most affectionate, devoted, giving, God-loving almost-14-year-old alive, he might no longer be alive. Tonight he got up after he had been in bed about a half hour and said he felt like God wanted him to pray for us (hubby and I) about stress, jobs, finances, etc. He did and trotted happily off to bed. And did I mention he had to settle for a cheap imitation of the shoes he really wanted and worked to earn because we just couldn't swing the name brand? Just yesterday? Color me abashed and appreciative.

6. Oh, you say you'd like to know how my trip to Tulsa went. Well...because our VW Harlequin Golf has no clutch, our Chevy Venture has no air, and my husband and oldest daughter both have jobs that require the use of the shock and strut-less Cutlass Ciera, I rented a car to get there. It was nice driving a car on which everything worked and got decent gas mileage. Once again I spent the night with my dear friend from long ago and stayed up much too late talking. It was so humid when I got up that the hairspray turned immediately to cow slobber on my hair. For those of you not raised in the South, that would be the beads that turn up on the merangue of your favorite pie. I know, icky term. Not so great on the hair either. I arrived at the HR building with 3 minutes to spare and began to make my way across the lawn and around the back of the building to the correct entrance. However I was wearing my oldest daughter's lovely lime green pumps, specifically designed for sitting. I could only move about 4 inches at a time, but now would not have time to inchworm my way back to the car to find my backup shoes and make it into the office. First interview, outlining the job description and requirements, references, recommendations, pay and benefits went very well. On to the second interview - back to the car, four inches at a time - change shoes and drive across the street to meet the managing editor and copy editor. This interview ended with the words "front runner" and "kindred spirits" - that's good, right? They said they had one more interview that they "probably ought to do" but that they would be making the decision right away and how soon would I be available. So I did the happy dance - not in the office, silly! Now I just have to hope and pray and wait for Tuesday or word that the other candidate has moved to Albania to take up underwater basket weaving. Do you see any hair falling out? So, once again, I will let you know as soon as I hear anything.

7. Given that the job is a done deal, all that remains is that I find a place to stay, a car to drive (my middle child threw up in the only intact car after a trip to Six Flags yesterday), my husband gets a job in Tulsa and we sell our home. No big woop. I must say there's nothing like driving to church in Texas, in the summer, in the Vomitmobile. Good Times.

I'll sign off now. I have MomTime in the morning. YAY! and I can't wait to spell the socks off my dear friends after watching "Akeela and the Bee" and eating pizza. Thanks for the prayers.

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Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Wow! What a catch-up! And I might just let you win the bee next time, to make up for you riding in a Vomitmobile:) hee-hee

Hooray for the job! Let us know ASAP when you get word, okay??