Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Some Catching Up To Do

I find I am a much more faithful skulker when it comes to blogs than I am a writer of them. Though now my family is after me, "You need to blog again!" So here we go. I thought I'd take a page from Sarah's book and since I don't know how to post links I'll just say her blog is "In the Midst of it" and it is amazing. I want to be just like her when I grow up. Never mind that she is at least 15 years younger than me. And by the way, "Snaps for Addison" for coming home and making new sounds. We're so proud of this tiny trooper. Anyhoo (is that a Midwesterner's saying?), "What I Learned on My Summer Vacation"

I think I shall call this the "Summer of Stretching," but not in the exercise-y meaning of the word. I think I have stretch marks on my soul and they itch, too. I have learned that I can wait on God, even when I don't wanna! (Picture me stomping my foot) I can love Him even when I don't get my way and I can say, like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo (Abedniboo? Abenibob? Benny?) "I believe my God will deliver me, but even if He doesn't, I will still serve Him." He loves me too much to let me get away with behavior that is unacceptible, but He gives me lots of opportunities to make it right. One time at ORU a preacher from some African country spoke on Jonah and taught us a song, "He will not compel us to go, Oh no, He'll just make us willing to go!" The breakdown of the air conditioner in my car has been my own personal "belly of the whale." UNCLE!

I've learned that my family is quite fond of me (Go figure!) even though I am snappish when under this much stress for this long. And will deny being snappish up to the point where I box their ears! "I'm not angry!" I've learned that my kids are turning into some really amazing people and will make very good friends when others are in need. My husband is a saint. He faithfully rubs my diabetic feet every night, without me asking. He remains married to this slave driving shrew who expresses her frustration by finding work for others. (I don't like that part of me!) He can fix ANYTHING. What a man!

I've learned that pizza holds no allure for me in the summer months - too heavy, too cheesy, too hot. Hot brownies and chocolate chip cookies, however, are always welcome. I like ice cream with the aforementioned items, as well as with cobbler or shortcake, but I never really crave it by itself. I love fresh iced tea and I consume massive quantities of it, but have sent back bad iced tea at restaurants more times than I can count. BLEH! Steak is my most favoritest food ever, but I don't care for beef dishes in general. I don't much trust a casserole. My husband went to a business thingy at the Viking Test Kitchens and later said, "I don't even know what some of the things I ate were." This is a phrase you will NEVER hear me utter. (shudders!)

I've learned that while stress may turn me grey, apparently my hair will not turn loose. THANK GOD! We've all learned to be a lot more flexible. Sometimes I feel like Yum-Yum, the contortionist roommate of my friend, Mary, who used to be in the Ringling Brothers' Circus. Or was that Purple Peggy, her other contortionist roommate? At any rate, I'm still here, still trusting God, still believing for the dream.


Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Oh, I cannot WAIT to see you next week--I've missed you! And you are one crazy woman, you know? I love your humor:)

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

LT - If I hadnt already recommended you as reading to everyone, I would again. When I saw bloglines highlight your site I was so tickled. I love love love that you are real real real. Anybody who has you for a friend, or mate, or mother, or whatever is blessed beyond measure (in my opinion). Linky stuff, etc. is overrated - just great to hear what you have to say, every time.

Diane said...

Stretch marks of any type are not much fun, are they? But, with the belly-type, you get a kid as a consolation prize, so with the spiritual type, you must get a consolation prize, too. Right? Okay, I know I'm reaching here, but I do know God rewards our growing pains. God has a plan, my friend, even though we may not see it right now.

Hang in there, God is in control. :-)

Barb said...

"Patience is a virtue." Phooey. I mean, I suppose it is, but I battle with being patient all the time. Not good at it. So the fact that you're at least trying impresses me.

And your friend had some pretty strange roommates, no?

mombo said...

You should hear her tell circus stories. It's the best part of family camp.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

LT - you left me a question on my blog about bloglines "highlighting your blog" - you asked what it means. I'm wondering if you subscribe to bloglines - if not, go to and do so. You can pick which blogs you'd like to read on a regulalr basis. When you subscribe to them, by clicking on the subscribe button (oh so easy) then instead of going to each blog to see if anything new is up, you just go to the bloglines page and if a persons blog name is highlighted you'll know they've posted something new. I have over 50 blogs I try to follow at some level, so no way could I just go visit them all.

If you need to know more email me at and I'll direct you to a post I did about this specific thing - will make it much easier for you to follow your blog friends, of which you are one of mine!