Thursday, August 24, 2006

Livin' on Tulsa Time

It's been a lurkin' good week here and I am amazed at how you people blog once or twice A DAY! I haven't blogged because the whole of my consciousness is consumed with, "I. NEED. A. JOB." and "How long can I survive on NO. MONEY."

I actually missed my MomTime group this week (BOO HOO!!!) because of a poorly scheduled orthodontist appointment. This was a real hardship. I'll be back on Monday, ready to kick some spelling booty, as that is the game for next week.

Oh, by the way... I HAVE AN INTERVIEW! A REAL LIFE, FACE-TO-FACE INTERVIEW! ON FRIDAY! So brush off your pray-er and remember me at 10 am Central on Friday. This just might be the one.

Now I am really sleepy and I have to drive up to good old Tulsa tomorrow morning. Thanks for all your prayers.


Diane said...

Okey dokey, prayers comin' up, girl. Bless your heart, hope this is "the ONE". :-)

Barb said...

Good grief. Look what time you posted this. Please please come back and tell us how the interview went. I've been thinking about this for a while. Don't know how you can stand the stress. Man oh man, I hope you get this job.