Monday, December 04, 2006

Ain't God Good!

Just for little old me, God gave Tulsa 10.4 inches of snow! Their yearly average is 9.1, so I know this was a special gift for me. I got to miss work (paid) 1 1/2 days, YAY! And because I LOVE SNOW I drove around in it all weekend! Did I mention I LOVE SNOW?!! And EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

You see, being away from home, and flat broke, I haven't bought one gift, baked one cookie, or decorated one inch. All my decorations are back in TX and if I buy new ones, they will come in place of someone's Christmas gift. No bloggity Christmas Tour of Homes for me. I'll probably start baking this weekend, and just hope the folks back home will decorate in my absence. I'll be doing a lot of online shopping this year and that will start on the next paycheck. Picture me trying not to be stressed out about this. I just go to the window and look at the snow again.

I also drove up to my cousin's church again this weekend and began counseling a couple of families. It's so fulfilling to me that I truly could go on for hours, and have to remind myself that it's draining for the counselees. I pray ahead of time for wisdom and insight for each one, and find that God is always faithful. Even with my training, I am not adequate to the task without Him. He gives me word pictures that are particularly appropriate, Scripture that absolutely fits, and compassion for each and every one. What a joy! I love giving hope to the hopeless!

By-the-by, we're havin' a Redneck Christmas Talent Show this Sunday Eve. at New Life Foursquare in Vinita, OK, and my cousin, his bassett hound Millie, my daughter Andrea, and I are workin' up a "special" just for the occasion. Wish you could all come. If I get a picture I'll post it next week. Not a clue what I'm going to wear, yet. What do women rednecks look like?


Barb said...

I suspected Christmas might be a little frustrating for you this year. But the only thing that really matters is that you're all together for the holiday.

I hope you do get a photo of this talent show act - it sure sounds interesting!

Anonymous said...

If my family wouldn't disown me, I'd send you my Christmas decorations--I'm already having to force my hands from taking some down! I love them, just not in my own house. I'm the rare bird who LOVES January, with all its bleakness and uncluttery-ness. (Like that's EVEN a word!)

So I'm thinking women rednecks probably wear overalls with thermal shirts and boots. And trucker caps. Basically they look like men rednecks with b**bs. :)

(And yes, I just had SO MUCH FUN typing that:)