Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Rip-Snortin' Good Time

The 3rd Annual (yes, that means this has happened twice before!) Redneck Talent Show and Dinner was an evening to remember. I don't have pictures yet, but I'll post them when they come in.

My cousin Kevin (the pastor), his bassett hound Millie, my daughter Andrea (http://dastardlystar.blogspot.com) and I sang, "If your hair's too long, there's sin in your heart!" You can find an actual sound clip of this song if you do a google search. Also featured were Delmar and PD in "We're in the Jailhouse Now," various redneck poems, Kevin singing "The Redneck 12 Days of Christmas (and uh possum in a per-sim-mon treeeee)," and Tator - age 6 (his real name - my hand to God) making his stomach roll.

You have to understand, my cousin and I both have music degrees. Andrea sang the lead in "The Pirates of Penzance" operetta last year. Millie was on her own. She wandered off and, when no one was looking, nabbed the ham off the buffet table.

A grand buffet was served, and yes, game sausage was on the table. Door prizes included Bubba teeth, pocket knives, and whoopee cushions.

I wish you coulda been there. Yes, indeedy! I think I pulled a muscle laughing so hard.

On another note, I made a gingerbread house this weekend! Now I have a Christmas decoration in my apartment! I'll try to take a picture of it tonite and post tomorrow. This was made possible by an amazing gift from my dear friend Sarah at (http://inthemidstofit.blogspot.com) A woman of God if there ever was one. My thank you note is on its way to her today.

I'm so excited that I'll be home soon. I can hardly wait. Doug got three contacts about jobs yesterday and we are praying and following up today. Please Lord let it be in this bunch!

My middle child will be joining us in the cracker box after Christmas to begin her final semester of high school. She just got her acceptance letter from ORU, and is nearly beside herself with excitement. It's gonna be even more of an adventure. Pray for us.

I'm beginning to feel a little Christmas-y at last.


Barb said...

Oh my gosh! Three job possibilities! What encouraging news that is, Mombo.

And yes, my niece Sarah is one in a million, isn't she? I hope you post the photo. I can't wait to see what she got you into.

This whole redneck party sounds like a riotous good time. How fun.

Photos. Please?

seeking perfect peace said...

Well, I just had to catch up a bit on my lurking. I'm sorry, but I just don't get how anyone has the time to blog! I love reading it all and I think you and all my other faves should feel honored that you are a part of my emotional sanity for all of the laughing that I do. Anyway, miss you and if you would actually email me and tell me when you are coming, I might be able to get me and the baby around somehow...

Anonymous said...

I got it yesterday--I'm keeping it forever, it was so encouraging! Thank you:)

Your redneck party sounds amazing--I'm going to have to look up that sound clip!

And I'm so glad it's starting to feel like Christmas for you! I'll be praying for Doug and his job prospects!!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Mombo, I came over for a visit, but youo werent home....looks like youve been out awhile. Youve been out visiting me I know, so I'll check back when you might be here. This piece did crack me up.

Anonymous said...

The song "If Your Hair's Too Long, There's Sin in Your Heart" is (c) 1983 by Al Jolson Black, and was first heard on "Bless This House ... Please" by Ariel. Bonnie Keen was one of the original artists who sang this song.