Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Post That Makes You Thankful For Your Own Family

Alas, I have been chided for my lack of blogginess by my niece. See her SHINY NEW POST at seeking perfect peace She's an amazing girl and I want everyone (all 10 of you!) who read my post to get to know her, but of course not monopolize her time as it ALL BELONGS TO ME! and, of course, her husband, daughter, and brand new son.

She started this idea of family strangeness, you know, things you all do as a family, that when you do them, others cock their heads to the sides like a calf looking at a new gate.

Many years ago, 20 to be exact, we were getting ready for church one Sunday morning. I called out to my husband, "I made a bottle and it's in the diaper bag," as we had one very cherished youngun, and my husband was a helpful father. He ambled into the room where I was, with a concerned look on his visage (like that word? ain't I smart?). "Sinead O'Connor's in the diaper bag?!" And thus began the laughing with one's legs crossed so as not to overtax a delivery-weakened bladder. We decided from that day on to repeat exactly what we heard any time the message was unclear. Kind of our own version of that game where you read what's on the card and try to figure out what it's saying, combined with the old gossip game.

Actually this was a great tactic for dealing with my detestation of repeating myself. You see, I am not a patient person. Really. Not. Patient. God seems to be making an example of me lately. Not really loving that either. But I do love to repeat what I've just heard. Sometimes hearing it out loud is just what I need to figure out what was originally said. Try it. There's no telling what you'll come up with. Be like the Taylors!

More weirdness to follow.


Anonymous said...

Mad Gab is a favorite around here, Mombo. So this doesn't sound weird to me, at all. I don't hear as well as I used to and some of the things I "hear" crack Rob and the kids up. I get it so wrong sometimes, it cracks me up too.

And it's funny. I'M the one who can't hear things the first time around. I'm constantly making people repeat what they said to me. But it irritates me to death to have to repeat myself.

I'm just difficult like that. :-)

Judith said...

Why didn't I think of that! It's O.K., tell me again.