Friday, January 12, 2007

Start The Music, I Feel A Happy Dance Comin' On!

You know I had a really great post, and long, written out and ready to go, just a few days ago. It's somewhere out in the Blogzone, never to be heard from again, apparently. So I'm trying to remember what all I've told you about. I think I'll stop promising to post, 'cause obviously I'm a pathological blogpromise breaker. However, since its de-lurking week, I wanted to get in on the sweet commenty goodness.

1. My son was named "Ram of the Month" (If I already told you this, just smile and nod. I've waited a long time for this honor and I am savoring it!). Now, personality quirks being what they are, this boy qualified for ram of the house very early on. I call him my sheepdog, because he is always herding. THIS is MY space, THAT is YOUR space! However, he has many fine qualities and this award is for his middle school (mascot-you guessed it-Rams).

2. The aforementioned sheepdog is coming to Tulsa to join the girls as of tonight.

3. Driving him into the oncoming ice storm will be my DH, ready for some heavy-duty snugglin'.

4. We will all be together in the 2, that's right 2, bedroom apartment we moved into over the Christmas holiday. Same ghetto, phenomenal cosmic power-itty bitty living space.

5. Started teaching my "Boundaries" class two weeks ago. I LOVE THIS CLASS! I LOVE CLOUD & TOWNSEND! This is my 5th time to teach it and it's still GOOD!

6. I got a perfect attendance bonus on my check today. WOOHOO!

7. Doug has an interview with Home Decorators (a Home Depot company) for a part-time position on Saturday.

8. Drumroll please - Doug got a full-time position with faithHighway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He will start the second week of February. You can see their commercials on their website to see what Doug will be selling. It is base+commission, so it's a little scary at first. Hence the part-time position. So if you have any media needs for your church, ministry, or Christian business, look us up. O.K. end of commercial.

When you're praying, please remember us for the following: the sale of our home, a new home for our 2 female Lab-mix dogs (we can't have them in an apartment, finances for the transition, and safe travel for my men today.

So the mood in my office cubbyhole is pretty positive these days. I have been lurking, I've even commented a couple of times, only to have them vanish. So the lesson I still haven't gone to the new Beta, mainly because I don't have a clue. Honestly, anyone in the Tulsa area willing to come to my cave and teach me this stuff? But not this weekend, I'll be snugglin'.


Barb said...

My gosh, what a positively happy post. Congratulations to your son. That's a big deal!

And what wonderful news about Doug. I know you probably are beside yourself with relief. I see God's hand in this so your house is going to sell and maybe the timing will work out so you can even keep your furry kids. I hope so.

Praying for a safe trip for your men today and I love knowing what a wonderful weekend you're going to have.

By the way, your posts are coming through the feed on my bloglines just fine so maybe that little issue is resolved.

Haven't seen you this happy in ages, Mombo. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...what Barb said. ;D

The weather geeks are still trying to decide if we're going to get any of that ice/snow/mix or just 6 inches of rain from the system your hubby and son will be driving through. Y'all be very careful and praying they arrive safely.

It did my heart good to see such a happy upbeat post from you.

Happy weekend and happy reunion! ;D

Tammy said...

Sorry, it's been so long since I've dropped by...
Loved getting this update! And I did a double-take on #5 since we're trying to pick out our next home Bible Study book on parenting, and Bounderies for Kids is the one we're probably going to go with!

I hope you find a home for your Lab-mix dogs...we recently got a Lab\Chow mix pup. She's as smart as a whip, but a little rambuncious and big for our four year old so we're debating on whether to keep her or give her to some good friends of ours.

God bless with all of the new things going on!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all! You have so much good news! I am sorry about having to find new homes for your dogs--I know how much you love them.

If you'll email me (Where, oh where did i put your email address?) with your number, I'll call you and tell you how to put the Kelli button on your post :)

Judith said...

Mombo, I just read your post about son's being Ram, and job and house situation. Will pray for all you requested. I appreciate your advice. Therapy with you would be helpful.

Am so glad you're doing "Boundaries". I haven't been to book stores lately, so didn't know there's a children's version. What a great book. I should read it again.

Anonymous said...

Will be praying and yes GO FOURSQUARE. Pass my love back to Jack and Anna is you get the chance. I didn't see an email on here to send you this personally :)

Judith said...

Mombo, Good for you !!! about B.A. and M. A.
Thanks for your comments about "Boundaries", and all you wrote. I may check on the workbook.

Meant to tell you the red neck stuff you did at Christmas sounded so fun. Your sense of humor really comes through.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I did not know there was a boundaries class? Everyone, everyone should take it. I'm reading their new book "Safe People" - man are those guys good. xoxo